Work and Trainings

Professional life is always very hard on individuals and its even tougher when one is married and has kids. A fine balance has to be struck if the life has to be smooth. 

Its that period of the year when Appraisal is around the corner and every other person is in a hurry to complete the required training hours to complete.  Training hours are the mandatory portion in Appraisal form and every employee has to spend minimum of 3 days as a Trainer and minimum of 5 days as trainee.

Most of them push this training activities till the end of Appraisal cycle as they hardly get time out of their hectic schedule during the non-Appraisal closure period. Just like examination preparations by students happen at the end moment, likewise, the training’s and certifications for professionals. Same is the case with me too.

I decided to take up the required mandatory training programs with a month to spare. It is tough for me as we have acceptance of our project solution in the coming month and Appraisal too. I now have to find the right balance so that, I spend time for both. Training was spread over the course of two weeks. Post training sessions, I had to continue with the regular work and had to finish off the project related stuffs too. It took the toll out of me and had left nothing in me at the end of two weeks. Me and few other colleagues decided to release the pressure and stress and relax a bit over the weekend. As usual, we went back to our old tried and tested method with BlackDog Deluxe Scotch, the International Luxury brand for our help.

As always, we had a relaxed mind and the mood had returned back to normal. It is fun loving and living time for all of us as, we have to take time-outs regularly to ease the pressure.

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