Why Airtel’s billing system is a Fail?

Since the time I moved onto Airtel’s Postpaid billing system, had issues with their billing and got refunds in most of the cases. Unluckily, I also have Airtel Prepaid connection which I took for Dad.

Airtel used to always activate services and start deducting money without users consent. I used to always mail them about the service activation’s without our consent and used to get back the refund.

With Postpaid for myself, Airtel used to always add random charges them even though there was some free usage left. In the past, I got the refunds back. This time, it crossed the limits as folks at Airtel continued to argue with me that “Airtel have deployed a state of the art billing system which ensures that your bill is always error free”.


Looking at the snapshots from the bill I received, it is visible that there are billing errors and they have inserted few records in between free usage and have applied charges.



Never expected Airtel to be so adament and unwilling to help me on this.

Same is the case with Airtel’s official twitter account, which kept on promising till date that the issue will be fixed. Finally I have lost hopes and have decided to move on.

This post is to share the problems that I have faced due to Airtel’s fraudulent billing system and keep your eyes open for such errors in your bill. I was happy till date with the services from Airtel, but not accepting the visible fault has forced me to move on.

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  1. Teachmetech says:

    Airtel is like those delhi guys…lol

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