Whats in Windows Phone Tango Update, Microsoft details

Microsoft has added details about the Tango Update under Update History section for the Windows Phones. The Tango Update comes as build 7.10.8773.98. This update contains some minor improvements and addition of few features compared to previous releases.

Notable ones being improvements in messaging and SIM Contacts handling. With messaging, users can now attach multiple pictures, videos, audio notes and ringtones to text messages. With SIM Contacts, users can now export phone contacts to a SIM card and selectively import SIM card contacts to your phone.

It comes with many other bug fixes and improvements. The Tango release is available for the Nokia Lumia 900’s in Europe. The roll-out for other regions are not yet available. Do watch this space for more info about the roll-out of the updates.

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  1. Thomas says:

    Hi Avi
    I have just got the update for my HTC Radar a few days ago. I had to do a little trick putting my phone offline to get the Zune player to find it, but succeeded at last. I am looking forward to Windows Phone 7.8 with the new improved Start screen too 🙂

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