Unofficial:: Symbian ‘Belle’ FW available for Nokia N8

Symbian 3 is getting major attention now. First Anna and now Belle firmware updates for the Symbian 3 phones. Though Nokia is yet to release Anna update for the first set of Symbian 3 phones, Anna made its way out into the park and now Belle has made its way, thanks to users in DailyMobile forum.

Symbian Belle is another major update to Nokia Symbian 3 phones after Symbian Anna.

If you want to try it out, go ahead and download and follow the steps. However, this is unofficial release and you will be responsible if you brick your device.

Steps to upgrade

Step 1:: Copy all Anna files not Belle, you should already have them ( to this directory C:Program FilesNokiaPhoenixProducts)
Step 2:: Copy all Belle files that you gonna download from this page to your desktop.
Step 3:: Then open phoenix then go to file – open product – choice the firmware then okay – flashing – firmware update – product code choice browse then choice the firmware then okay.
Step 4:: Then check dead flash usb mode
Step 5:: Then click on options- then replace the Anna files with belle files that u saved from this page to your desktop.

Attention:: Don’t forget to delete the files that u didn’t replace you should have only 4 files after you replace them with belle files¬† then you are good to go hit the okay bottom then Flash!

Download all the files and save them together in a folder on your desktop

Links :¬† Symbian ‘Belle’
1- – core
2- – rofs3 And Uda
3- – rofs2
if any one of those link ask for a password when u unzip it the password is : orvvan + mohamad 79

Alternate Download link below : (Password : orvvan + mohamad 79)




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