[Tips] Things to pack when traveling with an baby/infant

Things change once you travel with baby. You need to pack lot more things which might be necessary during the travel. The following checklist might help you to be ready for travel (domestic/abroad).


Passport/VISA (international travel):

This goes default, where you need Passport/VISA or any other documents required to land in the destination country.

ID card:

If possible, carry ID cards of all the travelers and photocopies of ID. In case of checks, it might come in handy.

Baby food + Bottles:

For the entire journey, calculate and carry more than required amount of baby food/bottles.


Make sure you carry extra and not less. Prefer to carry 1 diaper per hour of travel. Some airlines do provide couple of baby diapers, but its not guaranteed that the size will match.

Wipes + Tissues:

Again, make sure you carry sufficient amount of wipes.

Changing pad:

Make sure not to miss the changing pad. You can also get disposable ones to carry.

Plastic Bags/Ziploc bags:

Carry enough to store soiled tissues/diapers, used/dirty baby clothes. Helps to dispose off if necessary.

Diaper Rash cream, Hand Sanitizer is must.

Other items which might help during the travel are:

Pacifiers, Small toys, Additional clothes, Infant drops for pain/fever, bibs.

Some Airlines allow you to carry small strollers and store in overhead bin or allow you to checkin. Check with airlines before travel.

Get hold of 3 ounce reusable bottles which helps to pack small quantity of required liquid for cabin use.

Final tip – Don’t pack heavy, Pack smart.

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