Time for Game

As Vijay and his wife left our company, we also decided that its time to head out to the hotel and take rest. As we started back, we saw a big poster displaying about a Fishing competition. We both got excited. As we entered our hotel room, I decided to give this news to Vijay too. I called him up and told that we have a Fishing competition here. During our childhood, both myself and Vijay used to go out for fishing. It used to be one of our time pass activities. Most of the times, we used to catch quite a few and sometime, none.

Early in the morning, we both registered for the competition. There were few Indians around who were near the registration desk and had come for vacation and were interested in looking at how the event is and how it unfolds. There were also a mix of Foreign nationals and locals participating.

For us, it was not about winning, but turning an hobby of ours into the one required for competition. We both then decided to head out to purchase some fishing gear required for the competition. We got the Best Rod, Best Lines and Best Hooks, and the best Fishing Bait in our view – BlackDog!. We had to roam around quite a bit and multiple shops to get the best. Vijay learnt fishing from his father as they used to go together for fishing and I learnt from Vijay. Somehow it got to us and we wanted to win it by giving us our best shot.


After the the gear hunting, we had to look out for Boat too. We had already spent the entire day in the hunt and we decided to wind up soon so that we can rest for the evening and turn up for practicing the next day. We hired one of the boats and then finished the hunt. Before sleep, one sip of BlackDog Scotch released all the tension and pressure from us.


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