The Zest Experience ever

As usual, it was a hectic work day for me with hardly anytime. During the break, I saw a mail from the Blogadda team about a best experience with Zest.


My experience have been good with Blogadda with reviews of TATA Vista D90. This mail spoke about a new experience which I have never been part of. It was for the new product from TATA Motors stable – TATA Zest. It was a two day outing for us which included interactions with the core team from TATA Motors who were involved in the design and engineering of the all new Zest.

I opted in for this activity and I was excited to be part of it. Along with me, there were 50 bloggers from all over the India who were selected for this event. And all these were arranged in The Zuri White Sands, Goa Resort & Casino and the best part of it was that the event was over the weekend.

We were sent the flight tickets to Goa and it was fairly descent experience. As usual, there was the bumpy and jerky with one of the airways. But, I was sure that there is something good after this bumpy experience.

We were taken in a coach from Goa airport to the resort and there was a surprise in store for us. We were welcomed with what is generally done to the International Guests. A pretty lady was standing outside who applied the customary tilak to all of us.

In the afternoon, we relaxed a bit, had a good social interactions with the bloggeratti. We had the Master class organized to give us more insight about the design and engineering of the new Zest. We were told about their Zestful experiences during this journey over the past few years. We had a chance to experience the state-of-the-art Revotron Lab which had the design next, connect next and drive next zones. We were able to experience what the new Zest was all about.

The second day had a long drive planned for 2 hrs. 3 people were put into each team and each team were given a chance to drive. We had both Petrol and Diesel variants to be driven for about an hour or so. That gave us ample time to check out the car and how it behaves with us and obeys what we order.

It was really a ZestFul experience for me in my life till date and a first of its kind. With so much efforts from Tata motors into Design, Engineering, after market support and with me trying out the Zest, I am confident to say that Zest will give them boost to achieve a good market share and further positioning TATA motors as a solid player amongst the different players in the Market.

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