The Finals

Day 1 was kind of disappointing for all of us as none of us had started well. Day 2 was kind of better for most of the participants. We all had started catching fishes and most of them were biggies. 

Patience was the key in Angling competition. Me and Vijay had caught quite a few and by the end of the day we were amongst the top 5. We knew we had a chance, still wanted to give our best shot to be the top ones. All thanks to the BlackDog Fishing Fly, we were in the top 5.

On the day 3 – the final day, we wanted to top the chart. We had the Black Dog fly immersed in water and wanted to strike a big one. We had to wait for a longer time. We were getting bit frustrated and nervous too. We decided to have a glass of BlackDog. We knew, either one of them will change our luck and we will be the champs.

Just when we were feeling that we might end up loosing, we felt that there was a  tight tug on the rope. It was definitely not easy one to pull. The more we pulled, the pull from the other side was also getting stronger. This fish was definitely one of the biggest one’s that we had caught.

The fight went on for few minutes, and then we finally managed to pull up the fish. It was definitely a big fight and the hard work paid dividends. After getting the fish, we had to tag and weigh and it was heavy. It was 70Kgs in weight.


There was a grin on both of our face and we knew we had the championship. We then went back and after a few while, results were announced. We were the champs. Started as a hobby and made us champions, all thanks to BlackDog Fly and BlackDog Scotch.


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