The D-Day

It had to happen one day, the marriage day. Vijay had done all the preparations possible from his end. On the D-Day, Vijay was very happy and you could see the happiness in his face. There was the bright and proud feeling one can see, the confidence was oozing out as he made most of the arrangements and was perfect.

The bride and the groom were standing next to each other. I was really happy for Vijay as he was one of my best buddies and he has now got a good life partner. I had a fair and short interaction with the bride and I felt that she is made for him. She cares about him a lot and he also, hardly there is something which she has said and he has not listened to her. I would definitely call them as Made-for-each-other couple.

It was kind of those cooked up Bollywood movies where everything is perfect between the leading actors. Hardly it is visible in the real life. His parents and family were happy to see their son standing in front with his wife.

Vijay too didn’t leave any stone unturned. The stage was awesome with all the floral decorations done. The food was amazing, with lots and lots of varieties. Both Veg and Non-Veg food were part of the menu. Then there was the dessert section with 10+ varieties of them. There was a mini-bar set at the corner too. I went and sat there. The happiness of one of the close friend getting married cannot be described.

I was waiting for a company to start off my drinks. I saw another friend of mine -Ravi sitting in the corner. I went to him with my BlackDog Reserve. Ravi asked me to take a seat. I occupied the seat. We were having casual discussions and got to know that Ravi was cousin of the Bride. He was happy to have his cousin getting married to Vijay. They both looked good together and made for each other.

We then spent sometime chatting up things before heading towards the food counters. It was a well spent evening with happiness and joy as the best friend got married.

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