The D-Day preparations

Vijay and his family began preparations for his wedding. All was and is going well. The marriage dates are planned and just 1 month is remaining for the D-Day. These are the days when everyone in the family will feel the pressure. Vijay was tensed as everything was completely dependent on him. He was the lone earning member for his family. He had to arrange financials for his marriage and also look and keep an eye on the arrangements done, plus beign a manager in office takes a toll.

He used to work from morning 8AM till 8PM in office. In between, he had to make calls for everything. Vijay used to say, arranging things for marriage is not a simple thing in India. Since the bride’s family lived in a remote place, the marriage was arranged in the village temple. He had to make travel arrangements for all his relatives from City to the marriage place. He got a grand Mangal-Sutra done for his bride, shopped clothes to be given as gifts to the bride, her parents, his relatives etc..

After preparing everything, he decided to take a break from everything and he wanted to relax. Being a responsible person, he managed to arrange everything by himself. Vijay’s parents were proud of their son. Their health condition didn’t allow them to run around for making preparations for his wedding.

One day, his parents decided to go to their native to invite all their close relatives. It was during our regular conversation, Vijay mentioned about it. As I was aware of what he was going through, I decided to help him to relax and release his stress. I got a bottle of Scotch and then went to his place. Initially, he was not willing to as I just said scotch. But, when I went and took it out from the bag, he decided to have the scotch with me, as it was his favorite BlackDog.

It just made me happy as I might have played my part to help him to relax a bit as I knew how the pressure is in playing multiple roles.

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