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Samsung’s Windows 10 Laptops and Tablets from CES 2016

Samsung at this year’s CES announced quite a few electronic devices. Their lineup also included Windows 10 based Laptops and Tablets.

Windows 10 Store deals for Black Friday

This time of the year, we see deals every place. Microsoft is not the one to loose out on these occasions to offer sweet deals to consumers.

Intel Compute Stick is now available in India from Flipkart and iBall

Devices come in various form factor which can run operating systems. Intel compute stick now enables HDMI Display or monitor into a fully functional computer.

Toshiba unveils new range of 2-in-1 PCs – the Satellite Radius

Toshiba today announced three new 2-in-1 PC’s – Satellite Radius™ 14 (14 Inch), Satellite Radius™ 15 (15.6 inch) and Satellite Radius™ 15 4K Ultra HD Edition (15.6 inch).

Reserve your copy of Windows 10 and check compatibility

There is a way to reserve your copy of Windows 10 ahead of the official release. If you are running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, you will have a notification on the taskbar to reserve your copy.