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A brief look at PR1.2 for Nokia N9

By the time I received N9 for review, there are lots of reviews and un-boxing stuffs about N9. N9 is one of those devices which can be called as First and Last Samurai. N9 came out from Nokia stable loaded with MeeGo Harmattan OS. The only device till date to be on that OS.

N9 came with a TI OMAP 3630 1GHz CPU and SGX530 GPU. The device had a 3.9″ Capacitive touch screen with 854*480 pixel resolution, CBD screen, Corning Gorilla Glass, 8MP AF rear shooter.

Nokia N9 will come in white and will get software updates

After the successful N9 release and announcing the new Windows Phones into the market, Nokia also announced a new colour in which the N9 will come into the market. The N9 will now come in white version too. Along with the new colour, the device will also get a software update which will come with a lot of fixes and improvements.

Nokia N9 is available at a store near you [Press Release]

Nokia N9 finally has begun shipping to customers (who pre-ordered) and stores. The phone comes loaded with Meego Harmattan comes with 1 GHz processor and 1GB RAM, 8MP cam, 3.9″ AMOLED Capacitive touchscreen.

Nokia will support software updates for N9, till?

Nokia might have announced that there will be no further Meego based devices from them, thus N9 will be there in the market without siblings. Because of this, there might be doubts in your mind that N9 might not get regular software updates/fixes.

Foursquare now available for Nokia N9/N950

The official Foursquare app is now available for your Meego Harmattan smartphones or rather the Nokia N9 and N950. These 2 are the only Meego phones with N950 being the developer edition of the N9 which is commercial edition.

Nokia N9 Swype [Video]

The Nokia Finnish team has uploaded a video of Nokia N9. In this video, Nokia’s VP Mobile Phones UX Design guy, Peter Skillman talks about N9’s Swipe features and how the idea of gesture evolved, thus making it easier to use.

Nokia N9 gets a price on Singapore Nokia Website, priced at €299

Nokia N9 has got a price now on the Singapore Nokia website. The phone should be available by the End of this month. The phone is aggressively priced at €299 (inclusive of VAT). This price roughly transforms to 18500 INR.

N9 makes its way onto Amazon, listed at $500

Amazon has listed the first Nokia Meego phone N9 on its site and the shipping date is 23rd of September and is priced at $500 for N9 16GB (Black, Cyan & Magenta). 23rd September is also the date which was pointed by Nokia Sweden website.

Nokia N9 Contacts [Video]

Here are other videos from sapiensbryan, visiting Contacts, GPS, Photo Gallery and Web Browsing.

Nokia N9 – Music and Video player [Video]

Here is another video from sapiensbryan, where he shows the Music and Video player.