Spread the Word: Free Music subscription with Nokia Phones

Nokia has announced free music subscription for their non-Windows Phone based devices. With this subscription, users can download songs directly on to the device without any extra charges apart from the Data usage. The period of subscription ranges from 3-12 months depending on the device you purchase out of the 13 devices listed below.

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  • DRM Free: This means, users can download songs and can transfer it across the devices you possess, across platforms and also via Bluetooth, USB, E-Mail etc. No restrictions and is a huge advantage.
  • Huge Collection of Music: Nokia Music Store currently hosts over 45+ lakh songs across 26 Genres. Users will get a range of music to select from.
  • Easy Download options: Download onto the phone directly via Nokia Music client. Users can download a single track or the entire album.


Post your free usage, easy recharge options can be made use of.

1. Rs 57 – Valid for 1 week.
2. Rs 113 – Valid for 1 month
3. Rs 281 – Valid for 3 months.

* All charges are inclusive of Service Taxes.

The vouchers can be bought on the Oxicash website www.oxicash.in  or Oxicash booths at selective NPP’s, NPD’s or Nokia CARE outlets. Once recharge vouchers are purchased, users will get back the full access to the Music store and can continue downloading music.

Also do note that you are eligible for Recharge and subscription even if you had purchased the device last year.

Do check this offer from Nokia and spread the word about the world of Music.

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