SPL-Contest to win iPads and hampers (Part 2)

In the last part, I spoke about SPL and some of their games. In this post, I will try to add on more from where I left.


Skore Pleasure League or SPL talks about the right moves and right details to skore more (yes. the real life pleasure mode). There are 20 games in SPL and they have been huge hit as of now. These gives users to top skore and win vouchers or gadgets. Thus giving it an instant boost in attracting huge crowd. Earlier, I spoke about 3 games. Here is the details about the remaining games.

4. Skore a Line

imageThis game requires you to tell right words for each question. Select the right combination of words so that you skore and get a good skore. Ex: Question: My Doctor says… Answer: I need Vitamin “U”.

Get it right and skore.

5.Super Skoring Stances


This games requires matching two cards with same stances. Once you match a pair, they disappear. Remember and match as much as possible to skore more.

6. Moan by numbers


This game requires finding out different erogenous zones. Find out the 10 zones in a women’s body in quick time and skore more.

7. Get a Clue


As part of this game, you need to guess what the girl wants. Scrambled letters and pictures will help you to guess. Do you think you are smart? Go ahead and try your intelligence.

8. Flashy Footwork


Try to get your dance moves correct and skore well. You need to master it really well.

Remaining games:


There are lots of other games which can be played and it really needs some private world knowledge.

In case you haven’t joined yet, join the Skore Pleasure League today and leave the run chasing to the others. Here’s where you play your own game.

About the Contest:

  1. Name of the contest is “Skore Pleasure League”
  2. Minimum Age for participating in the contest is 18.
  3. Anybody above 18 will be able to participate in the contest. They just need to log on to Skorecondoms.com/SPL to kick start
  4. During Registration, they would also have to select a particular team out of the 10 teams available. ( 9 teams from previous season’s SPL) – Please note that these teams have no bearing on the contest and all prizes will be decided only on Individual performance. The teams are only for creating excitement during the contest.
  5. Once registered, they will get to perform 20 exciting & thrilling tasks
  6. Based on their performance and other measurement standards they will be awarded runs for each task – criteria for awarding runs and how many runs to be awarded will be decided
  7. Score that the user gets will get added up to his/her account
  8. There will be Daily & weekly prizes for the participants who are top scores in the leader boards on the respective day and week. ( Ideally Top 3 daily & top 5 Weekly)
  9. At the end of the contest, the top 5 participants will be win the Grand prize. However, to be eligible to win a Grand Prize, the participant needs to buy a Special Edition T20 pack.
  10. Every time a Special Edition T20 pack is got, the participant needs to open the pack and find an unique code inside the top flap of the pack.
  11. Each code will give you extra runs and increase the chance of winning the Grand Prize – Extra Runs will be high and this will act as a motivator for them to buy more packs
  12. Entering the unique code will give him/her 50 runs
  13. Share SPL on Facebook timeline – 4 runs
  14. Inviting Facebook friends to SPL 6 runs
    Once you are done with one game, the next game is unlocked. The more points you score, the best for you to top the Skoreboard and might help you to with the bumper prize (iPads & Skore Hampers).

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and participate.


Fore More details :

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