Rooting LG Optimus One

Why Rooting?

  • Rooting allows you to get access to core files of your Android phone which otherwise are not accessible.
  • Allows you to install any unsigned apps.
  • Tweak the phone
  • Most apps requires the phone to be rooted.

How to Root?

  • Download Z4root here.
  • Transfer the Z4root to your Optimus One
  • Install the app by navigating via OI File Manager or any File Manager.
  • Touch the z4root.1.3.0.apk file and install it.
  • The phone acts as if it is hung. The screen will go white for few seconds/minute and the phone reboots.
  • After the reboot, access the z4root from the “Downloads” section.
  • The app will show Re-Root / Un-Root options. If not “Do not panic”. Read next section.

z4root terminated?

In case, the z4root still shows you Permanent Root/Temporary root, switch off the phone (sometimes might require removal of battery) and turn it on. Now start the z4root from the menu and select Permanent Root. This will work.

Note: Z4root does not work if your phone is at v10E. Refer this post for Rooting V10C and above.

Warning: I am not responsible if you brick your phone by rooting. Please proceed at your own risk.

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