Ring Ceremony

Its the time for my best friend’s Vijay’s wedding. Few weeks’s back I had referred him in my company for a Job opening. He got selected and had joined 2 weeks back. Vijay’s parent’s were looking out for a suitable bride for him and after extensive search, they managed to find one. 

 The time had come to decide on the ring ceremony and was decided to be 15th March. Time was flying by. We decided to arrange for a party that evening. All was set. The ring ceremony was around noon time. The food was delicious and everyone who attended were really happy about the taste and quality of the food.

After the lunch, the ring ceremony began and both Vijay and his Fiance were standing opposite to each other. Pandith ji was running through his stotrams. He then asked Vijay and his fiance to exchange rings. Post this, Vijay and his family members are not supposed to consume anything at his fiance’s place till his marriage.

All of the rituals were complete and then, we took leave and then decided to make preparations for the evening. Vijay was supposed to go home before he could come out for the evening. Hence, we took an opportunity to arrange this surprise party for him. We had arranged for a mini bar setup at my place. It was filled with finest scotches, beers, wine’s etc. Since, I had few contacts around, it was easy to get the drinks arranged. We had BlackDog Scotch- all variants, Four Seasons Wine, Kingfisher Beer etc.

I went personally to Vijay’s place and got him to mine were others were waiting for Vijay to come. As soon as Vijay entered, the champagne bottle was opened and sprayed all around. We all tasted the Champagne and then chatted for a while. After 1 hour or so, we then showed Vijay the BAR.  He was surprised looking at the way we had set this up.

We all started to have our favorite drinks and spent the rest of the evening relaxing and having fun.

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