Review :: Nokia BH-905i Stereo Bluetooth Headset

BH-905i headset was announced during the Nokia World 2010 in September 2010. The BH-905i comes with the conventional headband design. The headset has the superb looks with superior build quality and lots of good quality padding. The headband is adjustable to suit most of the head shapes and sizes. Also the earphones can swivel which allows a 90 and 30 degree rotation outward and inward. This also allows you to place the headset on the flat surface also.


The Size is 190mm x 140mm x 35mm weighing around 167g. The top of the headset has “NOKIA” engraved on the metal plate.

The headband comes with leather underneath giving better comfort feeling. The ear padding is thin and hence wont give you a bulky feeling and sits comfortably on the ears. The grip factor seems to be good as the headphone sits tight. But do not dance or run to test the same.

The letters L & R engraved on the ear pieces for identification purposes. Contains a Light Indicator notifies charging status with Red light for empty and Green light for fully charged. The light indicator also notifies that it is in discovery mode by flashing blue light, and blue light for paired.

It contains 4 built-in microphones on each side making it 8 in total for ANC. With these Multi-Microphones Active Noise Control eliminates 99% of ambient surrounding noise.

The Left earpiece has the charging port, ANC  switch and the indicator light. The controls are on the right ear piece such as the volume keys, Audio port thus giving a clean look on the left ear piece. The cables provided with the headset can be used to connect the BH905i to variety of devices.

The media controls are on the right headset with play/pause, bluetooth on/off, rewind, forward. The power on/off switch can also be used to answer the calls as well as swithcing on the bass boost and stereo widening.


The pairing is very easy. First switch on the bluetooth on your mobile phone and then on the headset.  Long Press the Power on/off buttor till the flashing blue light occurs. If it is first time pairing the passcode is 0000. From the next time, the pairing doesn’t require passcode.


The headset has bassboost and stereo widening features. Pressing the power button briefly gives a beep and enables the level-1 bass. Pressing the power button briefly again the second level bass is enabled with more volume and is indicated with two audible beeps. The 3rd level is the Maximum indicated by three audible beeps and is the loudest setting on the BH-905i.

The sound, really is crisp and clear and you will be able to hear the minute sounds clearly.

Though the audio clarity was good when listening to music, I got hissing sound when used for call purposes. May be it has to do something with the headset or setting. Otherwise, the voice clarity was good.

When used for the phone calls, the party at the other end got to hear the voice clearly without voice breakage and with less or no background noise.

The Battery life seems good which lasted for more than 20 hrs.

The volume control however didn’t synchronize with the volume of my phone. If set a volume level on the phone, then that becomes the max volume of the headset as it didn’t modify the volume output of the phone.

The migration from wireless to wired is easy. The Bluetooth is automatically turned off and thus saves the battery life when connected via cable.


Comes with a carrying case to house the headset, connectors, charger. There is a separate carrying case (a smaller one), which sits in between the headphones which holds the connectors, cables and the charger to give a cleaner look once arranged and stands neat.


Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH-905i
Nokia Carrying Case CP-511
Nokia Audio Cable CA-143U with 3.5mm Nokia AV connector (~1.2m)
Nokia Audio Cable CA-182U with 3.5mm iPhone compatible connector (~1.2m)
Nokia Extension Audio Cable CA-144U (~1.7m)
Nokia AV Adapter AD-52 for 2.5 mm Nokia AV
Nokia Audio Adapter AD-63 for standard 3.5 mm jack
Nokia Adapter AD-71 for airplane
Nokia Adapter AD-70 for 6.3 mm home stereo
Nokia Audio Adapter for Voip AD-77


The cost is bit on the higher end. If you have too much money in hand or a gadget freak, then I would recommend you to buy the headset as it would be worth the money. The headset is priced around the sub 15K INR.


A neat 5 stars out of 5 on the whole for the headset for the build and sound quality.

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Specs are available here.

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