Pictures of Nokia Ace Windows Phone for AT&T leaked

PocketNow is at it again. It surely looks real with whatever news we have heard so far. One of the Microsoft’s partners got little excited with the Christmas card. Though the card might not mean anything to us, there is one thing which surely does grab some attention onto it. The attention grabbing detail is the presence of the un-announced device in the greeting.

If not observed in detail, readers might just think that the device is Lumia 800. However, there are few changes which can be seen. There is a presence of a Front Facing camera on the left top corner. Nokia Logo is shifted to the left hand side and is below the FF Camera. On the right top corner, we can see AT&T branding on the phone. The rendered image doesn’t showcase the Lumia 800 like curved glass.

Thus this phone cannot be Lumia 800 and should be Nokia Ace or Lumia 900 which we are expecting to make it to the market by March/April of 2012.

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