Oxygen OS for OnePlus One is here, try it if you want to

Lots of action happened, after OnePlus One came with Cyanogen OS and later there were differences between OnePlus and Cyanogen. OnePlus along with having Cyanogen, decided to move on to have their own OS. OnePlus planned to release Oxygen OS for OnePlus One and dates of availability was announced and the dates were missed.

Finally  the OS is here. Oxygen OS is based on Android 5.0.2 and is a starting point. There might be bugs in the release and there will be fixes which will be released subsequently. There are features which you will like and there might be which you don’t. You can leave the feedback at their site for suggestions and bugs.

Cutting it short, you can proceed to download and try it out.


The link for OxygenOS and the installation guide is also available if you are inclined to try it out.


Do note that, flashing can brick your device, so proceed ahead with caution.

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