Nokia’s Next billion – Asha series introduced

During Nokia World 2011, Nokia were expected to unveil their first batch of Windows phones. The Windows phones as of now are meant to be smartphones and not feature phones. Nokia shift to Windows phone didn’t stop them to think about the customers who look for phones for basic use.

Nokia started the Nokia World 2011 with the introduction of the next set of Series 40 based phones – Asha. “Asha in Hindi means Hope”. Nokia introduced 4 new phones in Asha series for people who like to go for basic phones yet have the connectivity to the world of internet.

Nokia Asha 200 and Asha 201
Stylish and elegant and the build looks similar to Nokia C3. Has a curvy design which surely will help to grip the phone and also has a QWERTY keyboard for ease of communication over social networks. As with most of the Nokia phones, they come with email capability. Additional benefits being the WhatsApp support on the phone which lets you to connect to your friends over internet.

With 2MP camera at the back, you can quick snap whatever you want to capture. FM radio, Micro SD card support upto 32 GB is always a plus for users.

Nokia claims that the phones can play 52 hours of continuous music, which is a plus point for phones in this range.

The phone comes in 8 different colours just for people as each individual has their own choice for colour (Graphite, Green, Blue, Pearl White, Aqua, Orange or Light Pink).

Nokia 200 varies from the 201 in a sense that is can host additional SIM card. Yes! you guessed it right. Its the Dual-SIM variant of Nokia 201.

If the connectivity and size matters, Asha 201 operates in bands 900/1800, measures 115.4 mm x 61.1 mm x 14 mm and weighs only 105g.

Nokia Asha 303
If Nokia had just released the QWERTY phones, that would not have helped. Hence they also introduced Asha 303 and 300. Asha 303 is simple looking QWERTY phone. Oh wait, it also has a Capacitive touch with a display size of 2.6″.

The other benefits being the 3.2 MP Camera at the back which will do a better than good job from a phone. Luckily, WhatsApp, Facebook chat will come into picture.

There seems to be something in for the folks who wanted to try out Angry Birds. Yes! you can play Angry Birds on Nokia 303. First S40 phone to host Angry Birds, nobody in this world would have ever dreamed about.

To keep the above things smooth, the phone has 1GHz processor. S40 with 1GHz processor, Angry Birds, Capacitive touch, 3.2 MP camera, Nokia has done things better for the consumers.

There is 3G connectivity and WiFi for the 303. Hence you wont miss on the connectivity and speed part. There is also USB On-the-Go, which means you can connect your USB drive to the phone with the help of an adapter.

Dimensions wise it is 303 mm x 55.7 mm 116.5 x 13.9 mm, weighs only 97g and has a battery that can help the phone to stay 35 days up and running in Standby mode.

Nokia Asha 300

Well after the 3 QWERTY models, we have something from Nokia in Non-QWERTY form factor as well.  This phone Asha 300 comes in the Candybar design with Alphanumeric keypad.

There is a resistive touch display with size of 2.4″. Once again, there is 1GHz processor, 3G bands, 32GB microSD card support etc. The change is that there is a 5MP camera at the back and as in 303, USB On-the-go too.

Angry Birds lite will be pre-installed on the phone for you to spend sometime playing around the phone. Nokia 300 is a computer Asha Quad-band measuring 48.5 mm x 112.8 mm x 12.6 mm, weighs 85g.

So the Asha series has all you want in a phone which is basic. Which one do you like the most? Do let us know.

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