Nokia UK: iPhone 5 and Lumia 920 compared

Nokia Lumia 920 or iPhone 5, which is better? Nokia UK has come up with a picture to convince customers that Nokia has better hardware when compared to the newly released iPhone 5.

There are certain areas as highlighted where Lumia 920 is better. Camera, Screen, Touch Sensitivity and of course Maps. All the points which Nokia has covered above seem to make a point and might convince that Lumia 920 is better.

Though Lumia 920 is not available for customers at the moment, if the above features are to be considered, Lumia 920 will give a tough fight to iPhone 5.

What do you folks think about it? Do you think iPhone 5 is better or Lumia 920? What are the areas in which iPhone 5 is better than Lumia 920 in your views? Do let us know.

[Nokia UK]

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