Nokia Symbian Anna rolled out to Italy, Swiss, Taiwan and Turkey

Nokia has rolled out Symbian Anna to 4 more countries which now has Italy, Swiss, Taiwan and Turkey.

Symbian Anna is the latest official update available to the phones which were on Symbian 3. If the list doesn’t contain your region yet, do have patience. Nokia is rolling out the updates weekly.

As of 15th Sep:

  • Italy – except 3Italy (and updates only possible via OviSuite)
  • Switzerland – except Swisscom
  • Turkey
  • Taiwan


Additional variants added for the following countries:

  • Peru – operator variants
  • Chile – operator variants (C6-01 Claro, C7 Movistar, N8 Entel)
  • Argentina – Claro & Movistar
  • Slovakia – T-mobile
  • Germany – T-mobile

Countries which will see Symbian Anna launch in the next couple of weeks: Australia, USA, Canada

Check out the complete list from this sheet.

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