Nokia Lumia 800 review – The beginning of the change

Its been more than a year since Nokia announced its partnership with Microsoft. That was the Feb, 2011 when Nokia had to come up with something new for it to stay in the competition. Quite a Few things have changed since then. Symbian is no more Nokia’s focus. Meego was half baked when the decision was made and hence came to the market onboard Nokia N9.

Nokia is out with 4 different Windows phones ranging from the low-end, low priced Nokia Lumia 610 till the 4 incher Nokia Lumia 900. Oh yes, they all come under the Lumia range. Lumia means Light in Spanish and Snow in Finnish.  

The device made it onto the internet world when Nokia’s Stephen Elop demo’d a device which they then called Nokia SeaRay. Nokia did a wonderful job since then to be in the market with multiple devices. Even though Lumia 800 had a similar design to that of N9, its a completely different design – a uni-body design which makes you feel that a premium device is in your hands and you own it. I am a bit late into the review of Lumia 800 and got 2 weeks to post the review here.


The minimalistic design package of Nokia Lumia 800 is completely recyclable and hosts the below contents:

  • Nokia Lumia 800
  • Nokia Fast USB Charger AC-16
  • Nokia Charging and Data Cable CA-185CD
  • Nokia Stereo Headset WH-902
  • Quick Guide, User Guide and Product information leaflet
  • Soft cover, color match to phone


No matter what is said about the device copying N9 looks, the device still stands out in the crowd. Thats what you want when you have devices around you which look very similar to each other and are getting sued for copying the looks.

The device has round edges and sits in your hand comfortably. It has flat bottom and top. The right of the device has Volume controls, Power Key and the Camera Shutter button. Bottom hosts the speaker grill. Top of the device has Micro SD Card slot and Micro USB port for Charging and connectivity.

The back side hosts the 8MP Auto Focus Camera and Dual LED flash which is placed in-line with the metal strip and the lens. The front hosts a 3.7″ screen accompanied by 3 Touch sensitive Windows UI Keys – Back, Start and Search.

The design just shows how better one can be without any plastics falling off. The contents in the display look as if they are projected from inside.

If you ask, I would definitely give full marks for the design.


Windows Phone 7.5 is so slick that it doesn’t require heavy spec’d device. Still we will look at what the device has in it. The device has dimensions 116.5 x 61.2 x 12.1mm and weighs 142gm. The device has 3.7″ Corning Gorilla Glass AMOLED Clear Black Display with 480*800 resolution.

Inside we have a Single Core Qualcomm MSM8255 Snapdragon Processor which currently clocks 1.4GHz and is well supplemented by Adreno 205 GPU. The device has 512 MB LPDDR2, 512 MB ROM, 16 GB Mass Memory. There is no slot for microSD card. However users get 25GB space on Skydrive.

Connectivity wise the device supports HSDPA Cat10 14.4 Mbps, HSUPA Cat6 5.76 Mbps, WLAN IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1, micro USB port, 3.5mm AHJ port. Powered by BV-5JW 3.7V 1450mAh (non-removable), the device promises to have a talktime of 13hrs on 2G and 9.5 hrs on 3G. I got more than a day of usage on this device with always on Edge and most of my time spent on calls, twitter and facebook.

Even though the device is comparatively on the lower end with respect to specs, the OS and the Hardware compliment each other and observe no lag in usability.


This Nokia device doesn’t run on Symbian, Maemo or Meego but runs on Windows Phone 7.5 Mango which is beginning to see the support from the consumers and developers. The Windows Phone 7.5 is completely different from its predecessor Windows Mobile 6.5.

For me, this OS is completely light and fast. Though it lacks certain features, its something new and different from what is there in the market. The UI is called Metro and is inspired by the signs which are found in Public Transport or Metro Stations.

What difference does Nokia make?

There are few apps which Nokia has contributed to the Windows Phone Eco System. Some of them are really major and does differentiate Nokia devices and might push users to it.

1. Nokia Drive
2. Nokia Maps
3. App Highlights
4. Creative Studio
5. Nokia Transport

Nokia was always good with their Navigation system. I would rate them as the best w.r.t the Voice Guided Offline Navigation system for Handheld devices. They had it in Symbian and they bring it as Nokia Drive onto Windows Phone platform. It is one value add for the consumers going for Nokia Lumia range of devices. I used it frequently on my Symbian device and used it on the day I received this phone. It always gave me proper and best route to the destination.

With Nokia Maps, users can search for places, reviews, photos etc. Thanks to Nokia, you have a map with you wherever you are. App Highlights from Nokia helps you with some interesting apps in the marketplace. The Live Tile will always notify you with an app and if you open App Highlights, recommends a different app whenever you shake the device.

Creative Studio is one hell of a new app released recently. Allows user to quickly snap a pic and apply a set of available filters and tweak the picture. This app can also tweak already existing photos on your device.


Nothing great to boast about here but had expected more from the 8MP shooter from Nokia. An update is scheduled for the device and will definitely improve the output from this device. Look at the samples below.

I would definitely recommend this device if you really don’t care about specs and absence of front facing cam. Both of them are a let down, but the OS stitches everything together and you won’t feel that the device lacks power. Nokia Drive and other apps certainly will differentiate the device from other manufacturers.

If you thinking about purchasing it already, the device is available at Rs.24999 at Nokia store. You can also order the device from Flipkart at Rs. 23585.

What do you feel about our review? Do let us know.

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