Nokia India launches Lumia 800 -The Dark Knight Rises Batphone

You will love this, in case you are a Batman fan like me. Nokia India has launched a limited edition Lumia 800-The Dark Knight Edition for Batman Fans like us.


 This device is similar to the original Lumia 800 except that it has a batman logo engraved at the back. The phone also comes preloaded with Exclusive trailers, wallpapers, movie information, ringtones and game. The game is the integration with foursquare and allows users to play as Batman or Bane and they can unlock exclusive merchandise.

The catch is that only 200 devices will be available and will be available from Mid-July.

The Best Price from Nokia for this device is Rs. 24,999.

What else for us?

In case you are thinking, that’s all? Here is some more for you. For Indian Customers, Nokia India is giving “The Dark Knight Rises” (TKDR) Collectibles with every purchase of a device belonging to Lumia Range. This is valid from July 1st till 30th. You can get the TKDR collectibles at Nokia Authorised dealers.

Not enough?
A big draw will happen, where 5 customers will get to Own a Movie Theater for a day and host the TKDR private screening in a theater with 250 seast. This will happen in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai.

Till the winners are announced, look at the trailers, go on a hunt for the TKDR devices, collectibles etc.

Visit Gotham City
Nokia teaming up with Warner Bros. have come up with Explore Gotham City, where you can explore the streets and visit to iconic locations of Gotham City. Spot a Batshield in Gotham City and you can win some Limited Edition prizes here too.

Why wait, visit Gotham City now.

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