Nokia Care, redefining customer satisfaction and care

Through this post, I would like to share my experience at Nokia Care Center where I got an opportunity to understand how well the customers are treated. Customer Satisfaction and trust is what has helped Nokia to remain the most trusted brand in India. Here is what I got to experience and my views on the same.

Why is Customer Satisfaction so important?

For any company (a service or a product), bank on the customer satisfaction to a large extent. If a customer is satisfied with the service of the company, they will continue trusting the services from that company. Satisfied customers will then be involved in marketing over Word-of-mouth. Customer Experience/Satisfaction is what differentiates the companies these days. If the relationship ends with the purchase of the product, the customer will never return for a business with that company.

Thus Customer Satisfaction becomes important.

What’s in-store for customers about Nokia Care?

Nokia care is spread across some major cities and the services provided or even how much Nokia Care is equipped, differs.

To find out a nearby Nokia Care center,

Type NCC<space>CITY NAME & send it to 55555

. Or you can search for a Nokia Care Center at their website –

Nokia Care, Marathahalli

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Each Nokia care has dedicated space for the Reception, Service Desk, Back-end Service Area, Display area, waiting area for customers, lounge. Again, these depend on the user base, area and city in which NCC is located.

Waiting Area and Token System

Once you enter, you can grab a token from the vending machine (if NC is equipped). This vending machine is capable of receiving touch inputs and based on the categories, options can be selected. In case the NC is not equipped, a manual token system is followed.

Once you get hold of token, Customers can wait for their turn in the Waiting area. Either an LCD TV or a Token Number Display panel will show the token service which is in progress and estimated time for the next token bearing customer to be called up.

If a Customer has waited too long for his turn, then the Care Center Manager will attend the customer by himself to address the concern.

Service Desk

Service Desk is where the Customer speaks about the issue and all the details are collected for resolution. The representatives at Service Desk are trained such that, they can handle basic queries about the operations of the handheld devices. This reduces the turn-around time for query resolution. Number of Service Desks depends on the area and the number of customers visiting the NC. They also suggest Customers of Warranty extension or any other services from Nokia (pro-actively).

Service Area / Technical Desk

The Backend Service area will mostly be hidden from the customer view. Some Nokia Cares uses Glass separators, so that Customers can be show the problem with the device. This area is where the devices if required to be repaired will make its visit. The personnel are required to wear safety gear before entering this area.

If the device can be repaired, they will give the estimate time for the repair. If the device is in a state, where the folks at Nokia Care cannot repair, then the device will be sent to Nokia Repair center for which the turnaround time is 5 days including shipping.

Display Section

Nokia Care also has a Display area where the latest handsets (Dummy models) will be on display. They also have accessories up for display.

Smiley Wall

A Smiley Wall or Feedback section is in place in every Nokia Care Centers. Customers can leave their feedback about the service from the NCC over here. The feedback is monitored for every 1 hr. If a customer leaves negative feedback, Nokia will get in touch with the customer to inquire more about the feedback.

A general feedback call will be made to random customers to inquire about their experience at NCC and their suggestions, if any.

Device Collection counter

A separate collection counter is in place so that, once the issue is rectified, users can collect the device. In case, customer is unable to collect the device, then a delivery will be scheduled to the customer.

Regular Training

All personnel in the NCC is trained based on the area in which they are involved. Trainings are conducted for the new features, devices which are available for the market. This helps customers to get help even if the device is brand new in the market.


A much required initiative, wherein a customer can drop is old, non-repairable devices, chargers etc. which can be recycled for reuse. This is an Environment friendly initiative by Nokia.

Customer Lounge

A separate Lounge is available in selective Nokia’s First Care Centers where Customers can be explained about the devices, features etc. Free WiFi is also available for customers to use.

Nokia Mobile Care or Care on wheels, are deployed which also visits rural areas and is equipped to fix all the basic issues/software upgrades with the device. This is for the first time I have known, where a company has taken an initiative like this for customers.


This is what I had to say about the Nokia Care. I had some good experiences in the past with them. Do leave your feedback on how you were treated at Nokia Care. What more, if any, do you expect from them?

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