Nokia and their power of Harnessing the power of lightning

Nokia has always been known to try new technologies and promote it with their various experiments with them. Here is one of their experiments, where they tried to harness the power of lightning and wirelessly charge the Nokia Lumia 925. Think its impossible? watch out the video below.

Nokia have partnered with the University of Southampton to unveil ground-breaking, proof-of-concept research into harnessing the power of lightning for personal use, an industry first that could potentially see consumers tap one of nature’s significant energy sources to charge their devices in a sustainable manner.

This experiment underlines Nokia’s 150-year commitment to innovation and delivering the most pioneering products to its customers. That the Nokia Lumia 925 could withstand this sort of experiment is testament to the renowned high quality and durability of Nokia’s devices and the company’s continuing research to increase the already outstanding reliability of its products.

These experiments are conducted by professionals in laboratory conditions, please do not try this at home.

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