My First review BH-905i headset from WOMWorld/Nokia

Though I had heard from my blogoholic friends about they receiving trial devices from Nokia India or WOMWorld/Nokia, I never thought I would go into reviewing devices. I started blogging few months back, and I felt, I can request one trial device from Nokia.

Luck was not with me for few months as there were no devices available for trial which could be sent . Finally my wait was over and I got a mail from folks at WOMWorld/Nokia that they have few BH-905i’s headsets which could be sent for trial. But there were no handsets which could accompany the BH-905i. I nodded  and the folks dispatched the trial device for me.

I was very happy and I was tracking it via the tracking system of DHL site. As soon as I saw the message on the site that the parcel is delivered, I called up home to check if it really has reached my place. Indeed!! Awesome feeling it was.

Within a week of my request, a parcel was at my door step delivered by the world known DHL Express. The trial device had reached.

I was not having my camera with me during the trial period and hence was not able to record the unboxing video. I managed to take some snaps of the trial headset with my 5800.

So head over for the review here.

For specs, see the specs page.

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