Movie Mania

I kept on watching movies and enjoying the drink. Before the 2nd movie got over, I was through my entire bottle of BD Quientessence. I decided to park everything for the day and head for the bed.

As I earlier mentioned, I can watch lot of movies in a go. Once I got up, finished all the activities which had lined up for the weekend. By the time all the tasks were done, it was already 3PM. I decided to continue where I left off in the previous night. Got the next set of movies to watch and got the brand new bottle of BD Reserve for the evening. I poured it into a glass and it looked Deep, golden, glossy and mahogany.


To start with, I always take in the aroma before starting and I can describe it again as “A truly noble bouquet of luscious malty tones and rich velvety textures with a hint of oloroso sherry in the background”. Then I take a first sip, just feel it completely  and I can put it as “Round and mellow complex quixotic flavours with an impeccable balance of individual malt and grain whiskies and silky soft tones that dance on the tongue”.

That is how I start. I switched on the movie and started enjoying the drink. It is just a rich experience for everyone who is a movie freak like me. To add to the richness, the BlackDog enriches the experience much more. Spent time watching 3 movies that evening. Another evening spent well and allowed mind to relax.


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