Madonna Forever tour – BlackDog Easy evenings

Black Dog Easy Evenings has been known for its mantra of Unwind and relax. Black Dog Easy Evenings has been an event platform brought by Black Dog Scotch Whisky. They have been regular in bringing some awesome concerts, comedy evenings, launches etc.

Black Dog Easy Evenings organized the ‘Madonna Forever Tour’ featuring Melissa Totten and was arranged in 7 cities of India – Goa on August 17, Gurgaon on 19th Aug, Guwahati on 23rd Aug, Kolkata on 25th, Bhubaneshwar on 26th, Hyderabad on 29th and Vizag on 30th Aug in 2012. Melissa Totten was in India to pay tribute to the pop diva – Madonna. Melissa Totten is world renowned for her impersonating skills and specially Madonna. “It (resemblance) has been an amazing fluke in my life. It has helped me to travel around the world, entertain people, make them smile. What a dream! I am really lucky,” Totten was quoted as saying.

Some of the super-hit numbers which Melissa Totten performed were True Blue, Confessions on a Dance Floor, Bedtime Stories, Like a Prayer, Hard Candy, Something to Remember, American Life, Like a Virgin and MDNA. Melissa and her dance troupe performed on the above super-hits and the crowd kept on asking for more. She also sang some of the popular Indian songs like “Mundiya tu bachke rahi” and “Jai ho” were mixed with the Madonna’s songs and played all along for audience’s entertainment.

Avishek Das, Senior General Manager of Marketing, United Spirits Limited said “Black Dog Easy Evenings is synonymous with world famous international artists and performances which truly help one to relax end unwind – the success and popularity of the “Madonna Forever tour” show has once again proved that our patrons love the “Black Dog Easy Evenings” and this has given us the faith to continue creating and bettering such platforms going forward.”

With initiatives like these, BlackDog easy evenings is spreading the mantra of unwind and relax post the hectic work days and release the stress by acting as stress buster..

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