Logitech X100 review

One of the things I like about Bluetooth speakers is the absence of wires. Lame? No, I mean it. There are quite a lot of them in the market and in different price bands. Thanks to Logitech, got a chance to review Logitech X100.

Logitech X100 is a Mobile Wireless speaker which is compatible to stream audio from any device which is capable of streaming like Android or iOS or Windows Phone devices and Laptops too. It has 3.5mm audio jack input too just in case, you have a non-bluetooth music device.


Build and Looks:

The device looks beautiful with an apt combination of plastic and soft-feel polyurethane. The puck shaped device houses the single speaker inside. The front of the speaker has a perforated grille which seems to be of plastic. The rest of the body seems to be rubbery and the back of the speaker is plastic.

The device has dimensions of 16x12x4.1cm, weighs around 159 grams. It has power, volume up/down, and bluetooth buttons around the cylinder. The buttons on the device are flush with the body and gets depressed when pushed. The bluetooth button acts as the pairing button, an answer button for a phone call and as a pause button while playing music. There is a tiny blue notification LED light, which lights up when turned on, charging, pairing and while playing music.



There is an opening at the top of the speaker which allows one to hang the speaker using the lanyard cable.

Good: All in all, the device looks sturdy and seems to be made for travel.

Missing: Though the device seems good and sturdy, it misses the most important point required during traveling – the water-resistant feature.



There are 2 connectivity options – Bluetooth (A2DP) and 3.5” audio jack and also supports Bluetooth-Hands-Free Profile (HFP1.6) for phone calls. On paper, the device has a wireless range of 30 feet. However, sometimes within 30feet in the open room the audio would start breaking up. It also happens when the device is almost low on battery power.

There is no bundled 3.5” audio cable in the box. So, we need to use a spare cable if available to use this option.

There is sound notification for powering up/down and pairing. The device gets automatically connected to my laptop once powered up and doesn’t require re-paring again with my laptop.

Good: Ease of connectivity. No pains or hassles.

Bad: Wireless range is not up to the mark.


Sound Output and Microphone:

If you think that Logitech X100 speaker is small and it might not produce descent sound output, then you are in for a surprise. Though it is not really the best out there, but it does its best in handling the mid-range frequencies. The device is surprisingly loud at the maximum volume too. Sound reproduction is handled exceedingly well by the device.

Given the price range, the device seems to perform well and will surely give a tough competition to the other devices.

The bad part of being louder is that the sound distorts and sometimes noisy too. But when not at the highest volume, it is much better. 

Microphone in the X100 can be occasionally used. Since most devices come with speakers on them, I hardly see anyone using X100 for answering the call unless one wants a higher volume output. The range of the microphone is not good to grab voices if placed a couple of metres away.

Good: Sound output at not the highest volume.

Not so good: Sound breaks and noisy output observed at higher volume levels. Microphone should have been good.


Battery Life:

Logitech claims that the X100 can be used for up to 5 hours of continuous play without recharging the speaker. I got it to be alive for more than 5 hrs of music playback. Once, I left it on overnight without music playback and could continue playing music the next day till it completely discharged. It charges pretty quick to be around 1hr for full charge via the micro USB port.




The device is available in 5 different color combos – Red, Orange, Yellow, Dark Grey and Green.

Price and Warranty:

The Logitech X100 is priced at Rs. 2995. It has 1 year limited warranty on the product..

Available on Logitech India and Flipkart.


Final Verdict: Definitely a go-ahead considering the price range and the sound output it delivers. Though not the best in class, it gets the job done.

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