LG Optimus Black P970 gets ClockworkMod Recovery

XDA Member Xantaro  has ported ClockworkMod Recovery onto LG Optimus Black. Instructions to install ClockworkMod Recovery is listed down.


The following has been tested and is found to be working:

1. Backup and Restore
2. Wipe Data/ Factory Reset
3. Wipe Cache
4. Reboot and Power-off
5. Install from SD-Card
6. Partition SD-Card


  • Use at your own risk! I´ll take no responsibility for any Bricks etc.
  • Apperently the Optimus Black doesn´t have a Keycombination for going to Recoverymode on Booting. So at the moment CWM can only be accessed by rebooting the Phone to Recoverymode via App or Shell from a running System.

1. ClockworkMod v3.2.0.0
2. LG United Mobile Drivers (Windows) 

Steps to install:

1. Extract contents from the ClockWorkmod zip file.
2. Connect LG Optimus Black to the PC with USB-Debugging mode enabled.
3. Run the file install_recovery.bat (Windows) or install_recovery.sh (Linux)
4. Grant Root access on the phone.
5. Unplug the phone from PC and reboot the phone.

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