Jog Falls – A must visit falls if you are alive

Jog Falls is one of the highest waterfall in India which is located in Shimoga District of Karnataka and is formed by Sharavathi river. The height of the falls is around 253 meters or 829 ft.

The water comes down as four distinct falls. From left to right they are, Raja, Roarer, Rocket, Rani.

The Raja Falls comes down in an unbroken manner from top covering 830 feet. The Roarer travels down in a cup shape rock in a 45 degree angle and joins Raja fall half way down making tremendous amount of noice. The third Fall Rocket streams out of a small opening with very high speeds and the fourth the Rani fall having twisting trajectory giving the resemblance of a female and hence the name.

The falls can be found at its peak during the monsoons as the source of water for the falls is the rainfall. During the other seasons, the water is collected in the dam for generation of electricity. Jog Falls is also commonly called by alternate names such as Joga, Jogada Gundi.

Jog Falls is aroung 370 kms from Bangalore and 104 kms from Shimoga district. The Google map location can be found here.

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