Is Cable TV really required?

Those are the days, where it was mandatory to have a Cable connection at home. With the increase in speed of Internet, a huge number of streaming services have come up and are offering À la carte programs.

Thus, you opt for what you want to watch for streaming. If you have Cable TV subscription, some channels might be redundant or you might not watch most of them. In this case, you might want to subscribe to only few channels, but it is not available for subscription. But, are there alternatives? Definitely there might be some.

The best way to decide is to check for Free Over-The-Air channel alternatives for the Sports, Movies, TV Shows you are hooked to. This can be checked using the site – This can also be checked at


Enter your address or ZIP code to check for the channels in your area and the strength of those channels. If these channels are alternatives, then get an antenna fixed and make use of those OTA channels.

To help you further on this, you can try to get an Antenna fixed on top of your house and plug the cable to your TV and get to watch those Free OTA channels. But if you think it as old fashion, you don’t have to worry. There are antennas, which can be kept inside the home, on the table, glued to windows without reducing the look of your house.

IMG_0231 IMG_0232 IMG_0234 IMG_0235

Using this accessory, you can just keep it on the table or glue it to the window so that reception of the signals are descent. I have been using this antenna for over two months now and I am happy with this purchase. HD and SD channels are available over the air and no concerns about the signal quality.
Connect it to the TV and Scan for Channels. Voila, there you go. Free over the air channels on your TV.

Go and hook to your favorite shows and sports. For movies, we have Netflix, Amazon Prime and others.

You can order the accessory by hitting the above link. You can also look for alternatives at

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