Indica Vista D90 Review

I was one of the selected few who got an opportunity to review the newly launched variant of Indica Vista, the all new Indica Vista D90 from the TATA Motors stable. To be frank, I was always skeptical and had it set in my mind that Indica will always be what it has been known for all these days – A good car for Cab/Taxi. I had traveled as a passenger but never drove one.


When I told Mom about this opportunity, she was surprised and also happy that I get to review Cars too. At the same time, she was worried that I was driving a car after quite a long time.

I got a chance to have a first look and drive, much earlier (when Nirav Thakker got this D90 for review) than I got one for review. I felt its much improved than the regular Indica and been given a tweak in looks as compared to the Indica Vista. Though there are much more changes between Indica Vista and the newest sibling Vista D90.

The car has received a lot more into it and lot of refinement. Looks wise, I was really amazed on how TATA Motors can take a detour and bring out a car which bears sporty looks + keeping a bit of the old Indica family car looks. The exteriors had Dual Colors and the one which I got was red with a black rooftop.

Once I got a chance to get into the car, I was really amazed by the interiors. It was a complete makeover. The Dash, the space in both front and rear segments, music system and everything I saw. Fantabulous! Adjustable seats and steering wheel made it way to easy for me to get in and get adjusted. I am a 6 feeter and I need a lot of leg room.

I went out for a drive with my family (4 Adults and my 6 year old nephew) around Bangalore and everyone was impressed with the spacious interiors. It was a ride within the traffic ridden roads of Bangalore and none of us felt any strain. My nephew came to me and whispered, “Very good car”. His general reactions are – its not good, that car is better etc. Mom was impressed by the pickup of the car, spacious interiors etc. Just before I forget, there was still space left for at least 1 healthy person 🙂 .

When I took the wheel and decided to go around for a drive, I started slowly as I knew that Engine had more power in it. There was a Quadrajet 1248 cc, 90 PS engine hiding under the hood, raring to go. As soon as I got a road which was a bit empty, gave it a push and I felt the power. Again, I was really really amazed with the conversion of the power to speed, as it hardly took 15 seconds to reach 100 from halt. Don’t forget, this Vista D90 is still in hatchback segment.

To add to the above, the Vista D90 comes with extra reinforced steel to add weight and balance the power of the engine. I felt that when I opened the door. The door was heavy compared to my Swift. I went around on the roads with potholes, patched surfaces, a couple of speed breakers at more than normal speed and the car did settle back soon on the road as if the road is super smooth.

Over the 3 days when I had the car with me, I enjoyed the speed and the power of the car. I managed to hit 150+kmph on the Bangalore-Mysore Highway and the car was cruising and it was completely under my control, even at the curves at 100+ kmph and not even once, I felt that the car would not obey me. All thanks to the the 90PS Quadrajet Engine and the heavy Steel reinforced Chassis.

The car has borrowed a lot from Tata Manza Club Class sedan. The dual colours, the dash and even the 90PS Quadrajet engine. The car gets a fully loaded music system (and in ZX+ it will come with Touch Screen Multimedia GPS system), Electric ORVM, SRS Airbags, Blue-5 Technology, Steering mounted controls, Driver information system, 15 inch 8-spoke alloy wheels, new chrome front grille and triple barrel headlamps. All in all, sedan features in a Hatchback.

In India, where most of them are obsessed with fuel-efficiency, TATA Motors have delivered a car with loads of power which can give 18kmpl – 22kmpl.

The interiors were having a combination of Beige and Black. I had difficulty in driving when the bright sunshine was reflected from the black dash back to the windshield. They could have opted for a different color or non shiny off-black color.

All new 90PS Quadrajet Engine, the power it came with.
Spacious interiors
Power to speed conversion
Refined looks
Stylish Dashboard

Quality of materials, especially the black portion of dash.
Gear shift on the harder end and jerk feeling during accelaration and slowdown.

Verdict: I can rate it as one of the best in the segment and would definitely consider the car when I am buying one. Hope to see a turnaround for TATA Motors with this Car.

Photo Gallery: Visit the album here.[email protected]/sets/72157632693974711

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