HTC’s Black Friday deals; Nexus 9, Re Camera and more

Its time of the year, where everyone comes up with deals which hardly anyone can resist to fall for. HTC US has come up with with set of deals for the holiday season, starting off on Black Friday.


Starting at 11/25, there will be deals every 48 hrs and will run for 48 hrs. The first would be Nexus 9 with 40% off. First 500 32 GB LTE orders will come with FREE Logitech tablet Keyboard.

Next would be all accessories will get a discount of 40% for the next 48 hrs starting 11/27 9:01 PM. On Cyber Monday, the discount hits 60% off for RE Camera + FREE RE Protection Pack. Also, there will be 40% off on HTC One M9. This goes on from 11/29 09:01PM for 48 hrs.

Do note that all these deals goes on till stocks last. Hence hit the stores first to get deals.

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