HTC One series phones will come with 25GB Dropbox space

In case you purchase one of the HTC One series phones, you will also get 25GB Dropbox space along with it. Dropbox is a free service which allows you to bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily.

With HTC Sense having Dropbox integrated, allows you to save all your photos and videos to Dropbox automatically. It also allows users to access and share all your pictures directly from the Gallery. Dropbox also makes it easy to edit and share files while you are on the go, so you never have to email yourself a document again.

To get hold of 25GB free space, sign-up or log-in to Dropbox on your HTC One series phone and receive the service for two years. Do note that this offer is not valid in China. The phones which will fall under this bucket are HTC One S, HTC One V and HTC One X.

If you already have 25GB of storage space, then this offer is not of much use.


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