HTC Desire is caught running on ICS [Video]

Yayyyy!! Good news for all you HTC Desire users. Few folks at XDA-Developers forum have announced that there is a beta release of ICS ROM for the HTC Desire users. Thus you will be able to taste the latest dessert from Google.

There are some features which are not working as this is still a beta release like Camera, USB Tethering etc. But you can find these stuff working WiFi, SMS, GPS, Sound, Calling, Touchscreen, Stable 3G, Gmail sync + calendar, SD read/write, all sensors, Bluetooth, Hardware acceleration, WiFi tether, Market with paid apps etc.

These things will definitely allow you to use your HTC Desire with ICS daily.

Watch the video below to see how good the port is. If you like it, head over to the XDA forum for details.


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