How to use @Nokia Maps Places WordPress Plugin [Video]

Here is a quick video about Nokia Maps Places WordPress plugin. Nokia Maps Places WordPress plugin allows you to share a location with your blog readers. The plugin also allows you to customize the map location, contacts, controls, size etc.


Short tutorial how to use Nokia Maps & Places plugin

With this plugin you can share with your blog readers the location of an event, the places where you have been to or the destination where you are going. The embedded widget can be customized to show the map of a location, to show the details of a mentioned place and to share a place and its link on Readers can plan the route to the place from your blog.

You can find more information at
Plugin was build with Nokia JS Places API


Nokia Places for WordPress is a plugin powered by  JS Places API. Add it to your blog to share information about your favorite places and to display maps.


  • Easy to install: no need for additional configuration, the plugin adds a button to the media insert/upload section
  • Easy to use: search using keywords, choose a place from a list and insert the place widget into the editor
  • Three ready-to-use templates to customize your places widget
  • Support for dashboard QuickPress
  • All required data is stored in a shortcode, no additional tables needed
  • The readers of your blog readers will be able to:
    • Pan or zoom a map
    • Rate a place
    • Use contact information (phone number, e-mail, Web page)
    • See a place in Nokia Maps
    • Share a place on Facebook or Twitter with one click
    • Share a place on any Web site using an URL
    • If a place allows booking (hotels, etc.) – initiate booking with one click


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