[How-to] Tips and Tricks for Galaxy S3

Listed below are some of the Tips and Tricks for your Galaxy S3. Though some of them are very trivial, I have listed them in case someone out there is not aware.

How to grab a screenshot

  • Hold down Power and the Menu button simultaneously. Grabs a screenshot for you.
  • Select Menu -> Settings -> Motion. Under “Hand Motion” settings, select “Palm swipe to Capture” checkbox. Grab screenshots by moving your palm on the screen from left to right or vice versa.


Double press the Menu button to bring S-Voice into action

Flip to Mute

Flip the phone with screen facing downwards to mute the phone during incoming call. It also pauses media playback or mutes FM radio.


Shake the phone to search for Bluetooth Devices.

Tap to Top (my favorite)

Tap the top of the phone to navigate to the top of contact list, e-mail etc. Double tap on the top next to the headphone socket will do the trick. This can be enabled/disabled in the motion sensor settings.

Find MAC Address/IP Address/IMEI

Menu -> Settings -> About Device -> Status

Hope this little post with tricks has helped you to notice some non-noticeable stuffs. If you have anything to add-on, just drop us a note. We would love to add it here.

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