[How To] Root your Galaxy Tab 2 [GT-P3110] on Android 4.0.3 ICS

If you own one of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 2 [GT-P3110], them this post will help you to root the device and get the SuperUser access. Thanks to XDA developers and RootzWiki , we can have the root on this device.

Note: I am just gathering the information for you to root the device. I am not responsible if in case you brick your device.

If you are ready to go ahead, follow the below listed steps:

Step 1 – Download .zip file of Heimdall from here.

Step 2 – Extract the contents of the above downloaded .zip file.

Step 3 – Boot Samsung Galaxy Tab into Download Mode. To enter into Download mode, power-off device, then turn it on by holding the Volume Down button along with power button.

Step 4 – The Tab will be in Download Mode with the message – Do Not Turn Off Target. Now connect the device to your computer via the USB cable.

Step 5 – Download these two files and Save them in the same folder as the extracted contents in Step 2.

Step 6 – Open Command prompt. Change to the directory in Step 2. Type -> “adb reboot download

Step 7 – Launch Heimdall-frontend, and select the “Flash” tab. Load the downloaded pit file (gt-p3110.pit).

Step 8 – In Partition details, select “KERNEL”, and then click “Add”

Step 9 – Choose “Browse” and select the downloaded boot-bjr.img. Click “Start”.

Step 10 – Once the tablet reboots, type the following into the command prompt:

adb shell

Yes, your Tab is now rooted. Enjoy the uncontrolled access.

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