[How to] HTC One X – Update to 4.2.2 from Custom ROM

Just in case you are running a Custom ROM on your HTC One X and would like to update the phone to the Stock 4.2.2 with Sense 5.0 released by HTC, here is the way to go about it.


  • Download the copy of a nandroid backup from this link at XDA Dev Forum.
  • Once, it is downloaded, connect the device to the PC and extract the downloaded Nandroid Copy to the directory <PhoneData>\clockworkmod\backup\. Also, keep the recovery.img and boot.img in the adb shell folder of your PC.
  • Reboot the device to go to Fastboot (in Power off mode, keep the Power Button +Vol Down button simultaneously and select Fastboot). The device should show “Unlocked” at the top.
  • If that is the case, proceed further to the next step (else unlock the bootloader and then proceed to the next step).
  • Install the custom recovery (earlier copied version of recovery.img) from the Nandroid Backup into the device

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

  • Go to the recovery mode from the HBOOT.
  • Once into the ClockworkMod Recovery, select “backup and restore” -> restore -> and restore from the backup listed (this should be the downloaded nand backup which was copied to the device earlier).
  • The Device will now be restored from the Nand backup.
  • Reboot into Fastboot again and install boot.img (from the earlier copied version).

fastboot flash boot boot.img

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

  • Now the device will have all the stock components required to receive OTA from HTC on One X.
  • Now, its time to lock the bootloader. execute the below commands.

fastboot oem lock
fastboot reboot-bootloader
fastboot erase cache

All the pre-requisites to obtain the OTA is available on your device. Reboot the device, go to Software Updates and download and install the 4.2.2 Android update released for the HTC One X.

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