How to get more lives in Candy Crush

One of the most addictive games is Candy Crush. But one cannot keep playing the game continuously as one can have maximum of 5 lives and it takes 30 mins to replenish. Each one of us hate to beg for lives and it takes its own sweet time to gather the lives back. Here we have a shortcut to gain the lives quickly.


The easiest way to gain back lives is, to change the date of the device one day ahead. When you are playing Candy Crush, come out of the game (do not  exit the game) and change the date on your device. That is, if your device has the date 15-Dec-2013, change it to 16-Dec-2013. Go back to the game. The lives will be back and for free. Now you can change back the date of your device.

You can keep on changing the date ahead and back and keep getting the lives. Simple trick but effective. But, once you get the lives, change the date back to the current date so that all the applications work without any issues.

This trick definitely works on Android and iOS. Do try it out.

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