[How to] Enable Internet sharing on Samsung Windows phones

One of the features I look out for in the smartphones these days is the Internet Sharing option. I got addicted to this feature and used to enable Internet sharing and leech from different devices.

In Samsung Focus, I missed this option and was looking out for a tweak which will give me power to share the internet across different devices. Finally I found it and listing it here for all of you who need it.

Pre-requisites: Your device should be Developer unlocked/Chevron unlocked.


  • Connect your device to the PC where Zune and WP Dev Tools are installed.
  • Download this xap file.
  • Using Application Deployment utility, deploy the xap file downloaded in the previous step on your phone.
  • Open Diagnosis app by typing ##634# on the Dialer.
  • In the Diagnosis app, type *#9908# and select ‘System Tweaks’ from the dropdown list. Press ‘Save’ and ‘Close’ the Diagnosis app.
  • Restart your phone.


Now, your phone will have Internet Sharing option and also, the phone is now Interop unlocked.

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