[How to] Download your uploaded contents from Google Account

Google allows users to download their stuff uploaded to their Google Account. The currently supported services are Contacts, Drive, Picasa Web Albums, Youtube Videos etc.


  • You can choose to archive all the data or only from few services.
  • If selective services, click on the link like Picasa Web Albums, Youtube etc.
  • After selecting the service, Takeout estimates the number and size of the files.
  • Click on ‘Create Archive’
  • Archiving will take sometime. There is also an option to get notified by selecting ‘Email me when ready’.
  • Once the archiving is complete, a link will be available to download. The contents will be in original format and size.

In case you want to download the entire content at once, this is the best way to do it. Else, we do have options to download one by one but who wants to take the pain in doing that?


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