How to automatically compress attachments in an email

I generally tend to attach multiple files to an email and never bother to zip it before attaching it. Most occasions I use Ctrl-C to copy files and attach it in the Mail which I have to send rather then compressing it before and attaching. Compressing attachments has multiple benefits like faster transfer, faster download, less load on the network etc.

As you know Winzip is an amazing compression utility for Windows and has a utility (Winzip Courier) for the subject which I am talking about.


If you are using a supported version of Outlook or supported webmail with a supported internet browser, WinZip Courier provides an easy way to compress attachments when you press Send or immediately as you attach your files. With WinZip Courier, you will save time preparing and sending emails with attachments because you can:

  • Reduce the size of email attachments
    • Send emails faster
    • Save download time for recipients
    • Reduce the amount of disk space required to store emails
  • Reduce the time spent creating emails
    • Fewer steps to compress and add attachments
    • Works within Microsoft Office and email programs that you already use so there’s no learning curve to get started
  • Protect attachments containing sensitive information with password-based AES encryption



Download from the link above and install the utility. Once installed, add-on will automatically be presented to you in the mail Compose window.


Change the options required and you can have the utility compress your mails automatically. The evaluation version comes with a 45-day trial period.

If you have tried it out, do let us know your views on this add-on.

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