HeadPhone – MDR-XB920 – Review

I was in search of a perfect headphone. Being a music oriented person, I always prefer a good quality sound producing equipment. Be it earphones, sound system or any other thing. The difficult thing to find these days is the quality of sound in those. I then got hold of the MDR-XB920 and here is my review of it.


The most difficult part of identifying a headphone is to look out for the features like good sound quality, design, comfort, noice cancellation etc. Some headphones are really good with the Bass output. The best way to identify the headphone depends on the music you like, and with the combination of above features I mentioned.

Lets see how the Sony MDR XB920 fares in our review.



Driver Unit 50mm
Sensitivity 106dB/mW
Power Handling Capacity 3000mW
Impedance 24 ohm(1kHz)
Frequency Response 3Hz-28000Hz
Diaphragm PET
Magnet Neodymium
Plug Gold-plated L-shaped Stereo Mini
Dimensions (W x H x D) 176 x 107 x 220mm
Weight (without Cord) 305g
Electret Condenser Microphone
Directivity All Directions
Open circuit voltage level -42dB(0dB=1V/Pa)

Build and looks

MDR XB920 comes in two colours – Black and Red. The headphones definitely look attractive and is made up of good quality materials. The design, looks make you enjoy every bit of what Sony is known for – Good Quality and looks.


The materials used for the headphones are metal and plastic and has Faux Aluminium finish. The left and right earcup units are closed. The earcups are covered with faux leather and cloth. The outside has a shiny steel finish bearing the Sony Logo.


The headband (sitting on the top of the head) is made of steel covered with soft leather. The sides of the headband are made of plastic. The headband is adjustable and the speakers at either end has a swivel & folding mechanism and helps the units to sit comfortably on the ears.


The left headphone contains the audio jack for the cord to be plugged in, which has a twist and lock mechanism. Sony bundles a pair of flat and tangle-free cords, one with mic and inline controller and the other is plain. The inline controller allows you to play/pause with the click. Single Click to start/stop a track, double press to skip the track, triple to go back to the previous track. I tried this on my Windows Phone.

DSCN0148 DSCN0151 DSCN0152

Some of them might feel that the good quality headphones are bulky in size. Even if the MDR XB920 looks bulky in size, but in reality it is very light. The headband is very well designed and doesn’t clamp down on the head and inserts very less pressure thus making the headphone to be worn for a very long period.

The earpads are designed in such a way to sit on top of the ears and might be uncomfortable for few of you out there. Also the leather covering on the headband and ear cups might get warm after some time.

Music and Quality of sound

XB in the MDR XB920 stands for eXtra Bass. They are able to generate good bass output and are really good at it. I was impressed at the very first time of its use. It makes you to enjoy the music and will make you to tap your foot and shake your head. The low frequencies come out really well too. Thus Sony has given a good pair of headphones which gives extra bass and also mids and highs. Using with some high quality audio songs with good music and beats, I felt the reverb hitting and the bass sensation is very high.

Distortion is at minimal and is a good factor for these headphones. If you like much of Treble filled music, you might be disappointed for sure.

Noise Cancellation is good too and we were not able to hear ambient noises when using the headphones. At high volumes there might be sound leak too.

The finishing and quality as mentioned earlier is very good. Sony MDR XB920 is one of the best headphones I found in the market.


This headphone is available for around Rs.12990. You can find it on Flipkart too at this link.


  • Bass output
  • Design – Foldable and Swivel
  • Lock feature for the cable
  • Build Quality


  • Induces sweat after prolonged use
  • Music leak at high volumes.
  • Looks bulky and occupies bit more space.

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