Happy times – an evening to remember

After the last chit-chat with my best friend,  few weeks went by. Things seemed to settle down, both personally and professionally.

Personally, life seemed to settle down with my best friend’s marriage around the corner and my parents also got a suitable girl for me. The D-day was fixed and I was happy. Me and bunch of friends decided to for a get together to share the happiness. Few friends had returned back home from foreign soil. A month had gone by post the last meetup.

Just like before, we all decided to hit the same 5-star hotel. The difference this time is that, we decided to catch up over the weekend. It was a saturday & in the chilly winters of Bangalore. All 6 of us got together and decided to settle down in one corner. Time came to decide on the drinks to be ordered. It was a unanimous decision. All of us decided to go with Black Dog 18 Year Old.


Since most of them returned from Onsite, especially from European soil; they wanted something which had its roots based around. The Black Dog with its origins from Scottish land, and International presence was the preferred one over there. Just when we were waiting, we were served with the Black Dog Scotch Whiskey. It was deep, golden, glossy and mahagony in colour.

In the meantime, one of our friend started describing about the aroma. In his words, “A bouquet of luscious malty tones and rich velvety textures with a hint of oloroso sherry in the background”. The other mentioned that how he liked the mellow complex quixotic flavours with a fine impeccable balance of individual malt and grain whiskies of the Black Dog 18 YO scotch.

Black Dog 18 Year Old is a rare blend for those who’ve developed a taste for the finer things in life. They take pride in knowing the difference between the fine and the penultimate. And, more importantly, take time to savour their choicest indulgences, leisurely.

Truly my friends were a fan of the 130 Year Old International Luxury Brand which truly impressed people around the world. All kept sipping the Black Dog Scotch slowly and enjoyed the time together sharing happiness and reducing a lot of stress built up by the work and other personal issues. After this meetup, just the thought came in my mind. This is Living in Style and one of the best ways to spend quality time together.

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