Gingerbread Build 2.11.605.2 RUU download for HTC Thunderbolt

HTC had promised Gingerbread update to HTC Thunderbolt along with HTC Incredble before the end of September. We are nearing the end of September and are likely to the official Gingerbread release for both of them.
Thanks to a leaked Android 2.3 build for Thunderbolt, we can be sure that HTC is planning for a release. Since this is a RUU file, the data in your phone will be completely wiped off. Hence take a backup before you proceed.

  • Download the file
  • Rename the file to “” (without quotes)
  • Drop it on the root of your SD Card
  • Turn off your device
  • Hold Volume Down + Power to reboot into the bootloader — the file should automatically be detected and the flashing process will begin.
  • Wait for your device to complete the process and reboot

All done? Your phone will be on Gingerbread. Have fun.

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