Game Time

Its the day and everyone had geared up for the championship. There were quite a few people who had lined up for last minute entries for the remaining few slots. Final list of participants was out and it was 7 AM. All the participants were handed out the rules sheet and the maps were handed out too. Candidates were allowed to choose the location they wanted. 

The event was sponsored by BlackDog. The competition was on for 3 days. On days 1 and 2 fishing may start with lines in the water from 0800 until stop fishing at 1700 and on day 3 lines in the water at 0630 and stop fishing at 1630. The participants had to tag and weigh before 1830 hours over the 1st two days and by 1730 on the last day.

The bugle was sounded and the event had begun. Everyone got on their boats and we went to the selected location. Upon reaching the destination, all the participants lined up and gun shot was fired. Everyone rushed with their boat and started fishing. There was enthusiasm in the eyes of participants.

All of them were indulged in fishing. By the end of the day, hardly anyone had caught a fish. Everyone looked tired and disappointed. The one’s who had caught, the count was less than 5. It could be labelled as one of those days where everyone’s luck ran out.


Before tagging and weighing, everyone shared their experiences and were invited for a round of BlackDog scotch. Most of them relaxed and had a taste of the best International scotch. It looked like most of them had enough of the day and were setting their minds for the next day.


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