Fun time in life – few weeks back

Initial days were bit easy on me w.r.t work. I had fun time catching up with friends, almost everyday. Watching movies in cinema halls, attending gigs, comedy shows were part of my weekend activities.

One such event brought a change in my life as I met her – my dear future wife. I never expected to meet her in public events though. I was wandering around with friends and saw this poster in a corner.

Press Ad BD-RP-Poster-12x18

All thanks to BlackDog for bringing this event to the place I live. It changed my life. The girl whom I am now married to, is the daughter of one of the producers of popular TV shows. Since this was one of the fun filled popular events, her family also came to the event. I just managed to get a glimpse of her ¬†and a thought came into my mind that she might be the one. I could’t resist noticing her quite a few times during the event as they were sitting a row in front of us.

Since a search for suitable bride was going on in my place, I just mentioned at home that I liked this girl and from the family she belonged to. Folks at my place decided to initiate the talks and got the ball rolling. Everything fell in place and now we are married and now its been quite a fun and style living with her.


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